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Wezel GmbH Kaltumform-Technik has been delivering precision, innovation and reliability for over 70 years.
Our company designs and manufactures not only complex, high-precision gear components and coupling profiles, but also prefabricated parts and assemblies for a wide variety of industrial sectors at our 10,000 m² production facility in Frickenhausen, Germany. Our business offering ranges from cost-effective system solutions to tailor-made high-end developments for small- and medium-batch production.

We offer our customers cold forging and machining solutions designed not only to meet their needs, but also to give them a clear competitive edge.
Reducing Costs through Integration
Increasing drive train complexity is leading to a rise in the number of system components. As a result, the cost of these systems is also increasing. This affects not only unit and logistics costs, but also investments in development and tools. Reducing the number of components and suppliers and removing steps in the manufacturing process is an effective way of addressing cost increases of this kind. The success of this approach is also demonstrated by this cluster gear manufactured in one piece for use in the New Mobility sector.
Become Part of Our Team
Our success is based upon our committed workforce, a highly automated modern machine park and an active quality assurance and environmental management effort. Continuous workforce training enables us to keep abreast of the latest developments and master new challenges together.
Expertise since 1948
Wezel GmbH Kaltumform-Technik was founded by Erich Wezel in 1948 and in the last 70 years has evolved into a globally operating medium-sized family-owned company for cold and warm forging technology. Wezel specializes in the development and manufacture of high-precision metal gear components and coupling profiles. The company currently employs approximately 100 people.
One-Stop Shop
We have all the systems and services required for our processes directly available on site
    • Design, development, customization and modification of
      • gears and gear drives
      • tools for the production of gears using cold forging technology
      • clamping devices for toothed components in gear production
      • measuring and testing devices for gears
    • Manufacture and measurement of gear cold forging tools
    • Cold forging of gears
    • Tactile and optical measurement, testing and documentation of cold forged gears
    • Soft and hard machining of cold forged gear components by turning and grinding
    • Hardening/nitriding and gear grinding are carried out externally

Our customers receive swift delivery of ready-to-assemble, fully machined, hardened and ground gear prototypes.

Nürtinger Strasse 51-53
72636 Frickenhausen
Phone: +49 7022 9445-0
Fax: +49 7022 9445-44
Email: Info@wezel.de
Wezel GmbH Kaltumform-Technik
Wezel GmbH Kaltumform-Technik
Nürtinger Strasse 51-53
72636 Frickenhausen
+49 7022 9445-0
Wezel GmbH Kaltumform-Technik
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